Here is a sampling of projects I worked on. I've done countless web applications for clients that for contractual reasons or otherwise, I cannot show here. SwagTag is a good representation of where I am at as a web developer and software architect. The rest of the projects showcase my interest in 3D and game development. These represent some of the most complicated problems I've had to solve as an engineer.

Published Work


SwagTag is an iOS app that hosts contests for top brands. I was lead developer for the web services and designed the database. The system was designed for high availability and is hosted in a cloud solution.

Replace Reality

Replace Reality is a wireless full-body tracking solution for VR. I designed and implemented the system.

Christmas Game

This is a game for Android devices, built with Unity3D. I was lead developer and producer for this project.


I was contracted by a client in the UK to develop this 2D game for XBOX 360. I programmed the game on top of the Give Up Engine which I also wrote. The project was delivered on-time and on-budget.

Alpha Chimp

I wrote all the code, including the 3D engine ( Give Up Engine ) for Alpha Chimp, which ran on XBOX 360 and was released Oct 2010.

Problem Solving

Pathfinding UI Solution

Here is an article describing a pathfinding system and user interface for laying out path points for the Give Up Engine. Written in C#.

Level Prototyping Solution

I built a custom tool in C# for windows that allowed me to draw out level maps, and automatically convert the maps to 3D level models. This allowed Give Up Games to rapidly prototype levels, and easily convert prototypes to production ready assets.

Video Games

I programmed and released a few games with the independent studio Give Up Games. Check out the official site to see all our cool games. I'm proud of all of them.

Give Up Games

Give Up Games was a game studio that I was a founding member of. It was a collective of artists and programmers in New York City that worked to create independent games.